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    This type machine is mainly used for purifying used cooking oil. It dewaters, deodorize, and eliminate impurities highly effectively. According cooking oil nature, the used cooking oil includes high water, more acid matter, much impurity and offensive odor.


    This machine adopts Plate Pressure system can separate the sundry goods and water from the oil quickly and effectively. Then superadded two primaries filter and fine filter, it can remove impurities thoroughly. Next, the machine adopts highly vacuum system to dewater and deodorize. In addition, this machine use stainless steel filter element, it resists the acid in oil strongly. So, the used cooking oil was recycled by machine, it will become limpidity, and fresh quality.

    1. Highly effective vacuum dewater, deodorize, and eliminate impurities system.
    2. It adopts Plate pressure system with the strong ability to filter the impurity, which can filter the particles and impurities completely.
    3. It has the back flush system, which can clear impurities automatically.
    4. We uses stainless steel filter element which has a good function in anti-corrosive. Especially, the precision of eliminates impurity is high and the service life is long. Also, it has a large volume for storing the impurities.

    5. The unique degas and dewater system: Using the 3D-Evaporation technical and thin film evaporation, which can separate the trace water, soluble water and gas from the oil quickly by the Multi-level water-oil separation technology.
    6. Hi-automatization operation, convenience, reliable, and safety


    According to customers' different requirements & demands, the oil is mainly used for biodiesel, soap, fuel, edible, etc...


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