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  • We are recognized as one of the most preeminent Steam & Gas Turbine Oil Filtration System Manufacturers. The Turbine Oil Filtration System offered by us is used in all the heavy duty power plants where turbine oil is used for generating power. Moreover, customers are eased with the availability of the Turbine Oil Filtration Systems loaded with all the advanced features which some like follwoing:


    1  The capacities of dehydration and degas are great, and assure of eliminating kinds of gas.

    2   To absorb free carbon, gelatinous substance by macromolecule to reduce the cost and advance product quality.

    3   Prolong the life of the device

    4   Breaking emulsification thoroughly with high- molecule polymeric material.


    5    Dewatering very effectively with once and for two steps dehydrating method. It can thoroughly clear away the liquid water, free water and 80% dissolved water.

    6    With distinctive removing impurities technique filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer material, this machine can make the ß3 equal or surpass 200 and make the cleanness lower grade 6(NAS1638).

    7    With the trapezoidal, spiral, automatic back flushing system.

    8    With the advanced dielectric condensation devices.

    9    On-line oil purification can be carried out with turbine or water turbine automatically without any person. 

    The size of the system and the number of openings into the system for maintenance purpose provides the opportunity for contamination to enter from outside. Most turbine oil system operates under a slight vacuum which draws air (typically laden with coal fines, fly ash, and moisture). Dirty oil can cause bearing and journal scoring and considerably they reduce the expected life of the system components.

    Gas turbines systems has servo/ proportional valves. When particles upto 1 – 5 micron are removed, the life of these valves increases several time and thus reduces the cost and downtime. Turbines that use rotor lift pumps for turning gear operations are benefited by keeping the oil clean. Proper oil cleanliness can reduce erosion and scoring damages to bearings and bearings system components that can result with high lift pump pressures. By removing these particles, we increase the life of the turbine oil several times.

    • Use cleaner new oil (NAS 7 – 8), for Turbines.

    • Eliminate leakages from the system.

    • Monitor fluid cleanliness, TAN value and viscosity of the oil regularly.

    • Remove moisture by using our high vacuum turbine oil filtration machine.

    • Maintain cleanliness to NAS class 7 & below for general Turbine system.

    • Maintain cleanliness to NAS class 5 & below for turbines having Proportional & Servo valves.

    • Use turbine oil filtration machine at low pressure and lesser flow to achieve the cleanliness level at lowest possible cost by remvoing the water content, gas content, impurities, etc...


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